IMPORTANT: PECAS 2022 will be held in two different locations. The school lectures (Monday and Tuesday) will be hosted in the Auditorium of the Centro de Física de Materiales, while the Workshop talks (Wednesday and Thursday) will be hosted at the Palacio Miramar.





School lectures:

  Surface Science I: Roberto Otero (UAM)

Fundamentals of Surface Science for catalysis research: How morphology and electronic structure determine the fate of reactants at solid surfaces.


  Surface Science II: Gareth Parkinson (TUWien)

The tools of surface science


  Electrochemisty I: Kelsey Stoerzinger (Oregon State University)

Basics tools and concepts for electrochemical characterization of catalytic materials

  Electrochemistry II: Ifan Stephen (Imperial College of London)

How to translate basic research to real life applications: Benchmarking


  Theoretical methods I: Talat Rahman (UC Florida)

Theoretical strategies for understanding and predicting reaction mechanisms in electrochemistry with special emphasis of CO2 reduction reaction

  Theoretical methods II: Sophia Haussener (EPFL)

Numerical approaches applied to development of photoelectrochemical solar fuels production


Invited seminars:


Miquel Salmerón (LBNL): A long journey to understand the atomic scale structure of materials interfaces with vacuum, gases, and liquids

Beatriz Roldán Cuenya (Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft): Unveiling the Dynamic Behavior of Electrocatalysts through In Situ Microscopy and Operando Spectroscopy

Gareth Parkinson (TUWien): “Single-Atom” Catalysts: An Atomic-Scale View

Joerg Libuda (FAU): Model interfaces for catalytic energy conversion:From surface science to the solid/liquid and the electrified interface

Barbara A. J. Lechner (TUM): Structural dynamics and reactivity of supported size-selected clusters

Roberto Otero (UAM): The light at the end of the tunnel

Kelsey Stoerzinger (Oregon State University): Electrocatalytic reduction of nitrate: insight from manipulating adsorbate affinity

Ifan Stephen (Imperial College of London): Common themes in electrochemistry: from electrocatalysis to batteries and back

Talat Rahman (UC Florida): 2D materials for a sustainable future – hydrogenation of CO2 on defect-laden h-BN

Sophia Haussener (EPFL): Modeling and optimization of multi-component and mesostructrures photoelectrodes

Sixto Gimenez (Universidad Jaume I): Combining operando characterization tools for understanding (photo)electrocatalytic processe

María Escudero- Escribano (University of Copenhagen): Tailored electrified interfaces for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals


Contributed seminars:

  Wednesday 22.6

  • Leon Jacobse: Observing the Oxidation of Platinum under operando Electrochemical Conditions
  • Paula Sebastián Pascual: Experimental assessment of the of the Cu-electrolyte interface by cyclic voltammetry and the laser-induced temperature jump technique
  • Moritz Eder: Understanding Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution on TiO2(110) at the Atomic Scale
  • Débora Ruiz Martínez: Innovative Nanomaterials to design Solar Redox Flow Batteries
  • Bahareh Khezri: Hybrid Materials for Photo/electrochemical CO2 Conversion
  • Edvin Lundgren:The brightest Au(111) surface
  • Jens Jakob Gammelgaard:Trends in reactivity for transition metal doped monolayer carbon nitrides on Au(111) for the oxygen evolution reaction
  • Elena Plaza Mayoral: Green preparation of high surface area bimetallic nanostructures for electrocatalytic reactions
  • Fabio Busnengo: Catalytic properties toward the Oxygen Reduction Reaction of 2D metal-organic frameworks: metal porphyrins on Au(111)
  • Mª Isabel Díez García:Towards High Current Density Anodes Based on Transition Metal Phosphides
  • Neus Sunyer Pons: Electrochemical CO2 reduction to formate over tin and magnesium based catalyst


Thursday 23.6

  • Doris Grumellli: On demand oxygen network reservorious
  • Martin Setvin: Surface Chemistry at (incipient) ferroelectric perovskites
  • Enric Ibañez: Effect of halogens on oxide-derived copper catalysts for eCO2RR
  • Lukas Fusek: CeOx/Pt inverse model electrocatalysts: relation between morphology, chemical state and stability in alkaline environment
  • Maximilian Kastenmeier: Pd nanoparticles supported on ordered Co3O4(111): Particle size effects in electrochemical environment
  • Juan Perales-Rondón: Interrogating electrocatalytic processes by UV/Vis spectroelectrochemistry
  • Alexander Simanenko: A novel combined electrochemical HE-SXRD and IRRAS experiment: First operando studies of CO electro-oxidation on Pt(111)
  • Břetislav Šmíd: Application of Near Ambient Pressure X-ray photoelectron Spectroscopy (NAP-XPS) in Catalysis
  • Sabine Auras: Site-specific CO2 adsorption and surface oxidation of Cu catalysts at near-ambient pressure
  • Pankaj Kumar Samal: Step engineering for model electrocatalytic studies using ion erosion
  • Ane Etxebarria: Nickel oxide ordered catalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
  • Aline Bornet: OER catalyst’s transport layer matters: stability comparison between C‑based GDL and Ti‑based PTL